Telephone Network Switch Off

From June 2021 the 'traditional' analogue PSTN telephone network will begin to be switched off across the UK

What Telephone and Internet Services Will Be Available Going Forward?

ADSL – ‘Standard Broadband’

Typically 24 /3Mbps – will be renamed SOTAP (Single Order Traditional Access Product)  – NO Analogue line


Fibre to the Cabinet – typically 80 /20Mbps – will be renamed SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) – NO Analogue Line

G.Fast FTTC 

Fibre to the Cabinet. Typically 330/50Mbps – will be renamed SOGfast (Single Order Generic Fast) – NO Analogue Line


Fibre To The Premises – Typically between 100 and 1,000Mbps depending on cutomer preference – GEA-FTTPNO Analogue Line

  • Analogue (PSTN) telephone services will not be available to order and existing services will gradually be switched off
  • Services impacted include:
      • Telephones
      • Telephone Systems
      • EPOS devices (credit card machines and cash registers)
      • Burglar and Fire Alarms
      • Medical Monitoring Equipment
      • Industrial and Environmental Monitoring Equipment
      • Local Authority Street Furniture (Lighting, traffic Lights, Signage etc.)
  • ISDN Services will be switched off
    • These are commonly used to connect telephone systems (PBX, PABX) in offices to the telephone network.
  • Introduce VoIP to the business, either in parallel with existing services or as a replacement for a ‘legacy’ telephone system
  • Purchase adapters, routers or other specialised devices that will enable legacy analogue device to be connected to a digital only network

Next Generation Voice Network - VoIP

Using the future UK digital connectivity for voice calls.

Our VoIP handsets plug directly into your network or broadband router and enable you to make calls at significantly lower cost than those of a 'traditional' voice system.

We offer FREE standard UK landline and mobile calls for one low monthly subscription.

Staff can work more effectively, from the office, at home or on the road. Calls can be seamlessly routed to mobiles, tablet devices or another location via a simple to use Web interface.

What About My Other Analogue Devices?

Adapt, Integrate or Convert

We offer a range of Adapters and Routers that will enable legacy telephones, cash machines and other devices to connect to the digital telephone network.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may assist you in determining the best and most cost-effective solution.

VoIP has saved us money and provided the future proofing we needed.

It has also enabled us to easily adapt to the constraints of the the pandemic. Staff have been able to seamlessly work from home maintaining our levels of customer service and responsiveness